Ready To Thrive Queen of Calm

I'm so pleased that you have found your way here!

Have you spent a lifetime, being someone that was needed? 

Being someone that was relied upon? 

The helper, the healer, the one who resolves things and supports others.

Someone that had so many responsabilities that your needs came last? 

The person that has been all things to all people, and you have gotten into the habit of never really asking for what you need? 

Firstly I want to thank you! Thank you for being the person you have been,  supportive,  solid, reliable, loyal! 

Thank You!

Now I have a question.. 

Do youknow what you need or want now ?

Are you ready to focus on you, hear your intuition, re-train your nervous system, become embodiment aware and unlock the ‘real you’ in all her glory? 

Judith McFadden transformation guide and intuitive

How would you feel if tomorrow you woke up feeling ready to live your life full of joy and purpose?

“The feeling that cannot find it’s expression in tears will cause other organs to weep.”

Everything that has happened to us in life is stored in our super computer,  other wise known as ‘the nervous system’. 

What goes on around us, sounds, smells, noises. Everything, is stored in there.

We often find ourselves feeling a certain way but we can’t figure out why.. we don’t know what our super computer has stored or what meaning it has attached to an event, or series of events. 

Our amazing body stores all of that and can tell us everything we need to know. 

Are you ready to listen? 

Need help translating what your body is trying to tell you ? Let me help.

Connect to Self & expand

At times life can just be overwhelming but we keep going. Something superhuman inside of us keeps us treading water and keeps the wheels turning. 

Life doesn’t have to overhelm us!  Much of the overwhelm comes from our Nervous System being de regulated..  read this blog post for a bit more info. 

I can help you work throught this maze, translating what is going on ‘in there.’

There are so many coping strategies that us humans use and we can and do, cycle through these strategies depending on our needs, the situation and who we are with.  

These are imprinted in us, mostly unconsciously, based on our life experiences.

Diving straight into ‘fixing’ years of nervous system unrest can lead to more overwhelm. That’s why we work together with tools to connect you to yourself and expand your container (so to speak) so you can deal better with ‘life’ and what it throws at you. 

Complete self growth, this isn’t just mindset word, it isn’t just physical work. This is Mind, Body & Soul.. Transformation

Becoming You!

Judith creates a space where you can explore safely what your nervous system is acting upon,

Together exploring your deep seated beliefs,  habitual actions and self talk that get in the way of you being really happy.

 Becoming You is her lifes work.. you can walk this journey a number of ways..

  • Becoming You- the online group study course. 
  • Breakthrough and Thrive 1 day Pinpoint Session 1:1.
  • Ready To Thrive 3 month  1.:1 Package.

What you experience with Judith...

Judith McFadden Transformational Coaching

Bodywork & Somatic Experiencing

Using a range of techniques including, movement, touch, tremor release exercises and grounding, Judith will help you connect to your body. Learn to listen to what it can and is telling you and how you can integrate that into your life. This work is done online and in person, we also run regular Somatic Movement Workshops online
Bodywork & Somatic Experiencing
Judith McFadden Transformational Coaching

Translating between Body & Mind

Before we can think, we 'feel'. Before we can communicate we 'feel' what we need and our bodies act in a way to get that message across. Many times our caregivers didn't understand, or, couldn't meet our needs. Due to what was going on for them. The interpretations of this can stay stuck in our nervous system and manifest in many forms such as chronic pain, nervousness, sadness, exaggerated change of life symptoms.
Translating between Body & Mind

Implementation of 'You' in your life

Change, real change, impacts all areas of our lives. How we interact with ourself, our loved ones, the outside world . We all need support at times, especially when we have never had clear boundaries of self love with ourselves or those around us. When you start showing up as the 'real you', ongoing holistic support with Judith helps you mold your life to your new boundaries and decisions. Giving you an anchor in your new found sense of power ensuring you don’t slip back into old comfort zones, yours or others.
Implementation of 'You' in your life

Forgive yourself, your past & embrace your future. It's time to feel comfortable in your own skin and really soak up the joy that is around you.
Unshakeable self love is found within. Let's let it shine out!

Meet Judith

Judith has been  looking after peoples bruised and battered bodies and minds, helping them with their health and wellness for more than 20 years. 

Want to have a chat and see how she can help you

At school Judith wanted to be an occupational Therapist, she was told that wasn’t an option due to the subjects she chose, yet now what she works with is pretty close to what she dreamt back then. Want to read more?  Click here