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Woman Who Finalist.. what an honour!

Last week the 16th October 2020 we had the awards ceremony for the fabulous Woman Who awards. 

Sandra Garlick MBE did a fantastic job of organising everything over ZOOM since in this era of COVID concerns we couldn’t do a live event as had been normal in  previous years. 

It was an honour to be part of the process and a huge healing moment too. Sandra really helped me personally as a nominee for the overcoming divertsity category I had to write my story for the judges.. I stopped.  I gave it up as a waste of time. But Sandra came back to me and gave me a nudge! 

Writing those words, explaining the process my business had gone through whilst having some massive personal turmoils.

Describing how being there for my clients had allowed me to stay connected and not lose myself in the dakness helped me heal. 

It helped me heal enough to go on to write a chapter in a group book collaboration with other Rapid Transformational Therapists. 

The winner Anna Turny Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Paralympian is an amazing beacon of light for all of us! 

It was a truly inspirational line of up finalists and winners and I can’t wait till our next networking session for that injection of female business energy.