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Published Author! Spiritpreneur – Success Stories for the Soul

This amazing project started to sprout in March of 2020, I  had been working with the amazing Natasha Leigh Bray since December 2019 in her Mastermind Programme and came to know many other female coaches and Rapid Transformational Therapists.

One of my dear colleagues Helen, brought us together with a Publisher and our collaborative book was born.

Spiritpreneur Success Stories  for the Soul  what a journey..

On Monday we had a launch party on Zoom between the 13 authors. What a lovely energy we shared coming together. We have not yet met in person but are hoping to resove that with a planned union in Bali next year.

For me writing this chapter, which is a chapter of my life was a cathartic and healing process.  I trust that it will help someone out there that also finds themselves in a situation that seems surreal and out of control to groundthemselves and find their self trust to move out of the situation, grow and move on with life. 

The book is available on Amazon worlwide. Links Below. I’d love to hear from you personally  if you have read the book,  let me know your thoughts how the collective stories are impacting the world. 

Big Love.


PS My chapter is being translated into Spanish to test the water for the rest of the book.

In Print, finally!

My Chapter - Not quite the love you imagined.
When he tells you he will be the love of your life, consider that to be a good old red flag right there!