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7 Ways Somatic Movement made a difference in my life and it can in yours!

Lockdown In Spain, 2020… 7 ways Somatic Movement Practice made a difference in my life  and it can for you too,  NOW.

One of our first movement and meditation sessions of 2020 lockdown

I remember those months of homeschooling and staying inside with 3 kids  like a distant memory, but not  so distant so as not to forget all the good that came out of that time. 

I honesty felt like I would have a stroke on so many of those days and I am truly not exaggerating!

I didn’t 🙂 

But that was largely to me becoming my own client.

You know what it’s like .. the tradesman builds his own house last.  I always remember a house in Scotland, close to  where we lived and the house was half finished for years… half a garage, half a conservatory, bricks and slabs piled up in the driveway. Funny story,  the owner was a builder.  Passing that house so many times over the years made an impression on me. 

I have to live what I teach or I run out of steam. Various time in my life I’ve had to dig deep, I’ve used journaling, EFT, exercise, Martial Arts.. but in full on lockdown many of my go to’s had been taken away. And my internal saboteur rose her head. The petulant child who could exercise at home, but didn’t want to, she wanted to go to the gym and do BJJ. 

The small child that could still choose to eat well but didn’t want to because she wanted to eat out in nice places with family & friends. The educator who is more than happy to and capable of educating and having fun with her children but she didn’t want to because she had to teach school curriculum not life skills and self development stuff that she wanted to teach. 

I had to have some stern conversations with that little bugger (me) BUT I also allowed myself to sit with the feelings and see what came up.. 

I realised I needed to listen to my body, my soul. I had deep seated anger and pain that needed to be moved out of me. I needed to feel release to make space to be open to space. 

Somatic Movement Saved my sanity and my kids 🙂 

I wanted to outline for you 7 ways Somatic Movement made a difference in my lockdown and longer term life.

1.I just became less tense and overwhelmed in my mental space.

EVERYTHING had become overwhelming. Shopping, cooking, teaching, thinking… After just the first day of my somatic movement practice the brain shaking lessened, the fog lifted. As a result, the kids became less overwhelmed too. I was finding that the day to day became less troublesome, they squabbled less, the work got done with less tears and corrections, that was just me but the kids followed suit 😉 

2. I slept better. 

Sleep had become irregular because there was so much less physical energy being expended and no real outline to the day.. Like groundhog day without leaving the house. I got back to regular sleeping pattens within  3 days of re stating my Somatic Movement Practice.

3.I found the energy reserves to do what I really wanted. 

I stopped binge watching Netflix, stopped scrolling social media, decided the kids wouldn’t die if the homework wasn’t finished THAT day and I created space and  time for me to move my body by myself, with my clients, for my clients, showing up for  my clients helped me show up for me too.

4.My relationship with myself shifted.

I had started to get frustrated at myself, perfectionism was setting in again, frustration at not being able to DO, GO, Be…. but although the physical restrictions were real the mental ones were not. I wrote my chapter to my collaboration  book which reached No 2 in Australia in Self Development  Books. I had space to slip back into the loving me version of me. And that also shifted my relationship with my partner.

5.My weight stabilized and my stomach bloating went down. 

It wasn’t all food 🙂 much of it was stress and lack of connection to doing what I really wanted. I’m a stomach stress person. I spent years being told I had IBS when I really had too much self inflicted stress and some food intolerances. 

6.I created new income streams for my business.

I’d spent so many years working in the business that working on it had stopped. I had hours of video content I’d never used, so many articles saved, witten and never publicised. So many ideas but never the time or the energetic steam to get them done. Thank you COVID

7.Bringing me into my body and the now has improved my time management. 

I used to need large periods of time or days to work on a project without interruptions. I found myself starting and stopping with ease. Making a mark of where I was at and being able to go straight back there again next time I had a slot to concentrate, This meant shit got DONE and I wasn’t putting off for more time and getting frustrated for not doing it. 

I want to share this with as many people as possible! Will you help me? I know only too well what it’s like when it’s  too much effort to journal, too much effort to eat well, too much effort to simply be, when you aren’t truly being yourself. Think of this as decluttering of the soul <3 

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