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7 Ways Somatic Movement made a difference in my life and it can in yours!

Lockdown In Spain, 2020… 7 ways Somatic Movement Practice made a difference in my life  and it can for you too,  NOW.

One of our first movement and meditation sessions of 2020 lockdown

I remember those months of homeschooling and staying inside with 3 kids  like a distant memory, but not  so distant so as not to forget all the good that came out of that time. 

I honesty felt like I would have a stroke on so many of those days and I am truly not exaggerating!

I didn’t 🙂 

But that was largely to me becoming my own client.

You know what it’s like .. the tradesman builds his own house last.  I always remember a house in Scotland, close to  where we lived and the house was half finished for years… half a garage, half a conservatory, bricks and slabs piled up in the driveway. Funny story,  the owner was a builder.  Passing that house so many times over the years made an impression on me. 

I have to live what I teach or I run out of steam. Various time in my life I’ve had to dig deep, I’ve used journaling, EFT, exercise, Martial Arts.. but in full on lockdown many of my go to’s had been taken away. And my internal saboteur rose her head. The petulant child who could exercise at home, but didn’t want to, she wanted to go to the gym and do BJJ. 

The small child that could still choose to eat well but didn’t want to because she wanted to eat out in nice places with family & friends. The educator who is more than happy to and capable of educating and having fun with her children but she didn’t want to because she had to teach school curriculum not life skills and self development stuff that she wanted to teach. 

I had to have some stern conversations with that little bugger (me) BUT I also allowed myself to sit with the feelings and see what came up.. 

I realised I needed to listen to my body, my soul. I had deep seated anger and pain that needed to be moved out of me. I needed to feel release to make space to be open to space. 

Somatic Movement Saved my sanity and my kids 🙂 

I wanted to outline for you 7 ways Somatic Movement made a difference in my lockdown and longer term life.

1.I just became less tense and overwhelmed in my mental space.

EVERYTHING had become overwhelming. Shopping, cooking, teaching, thinking… After just the first day of my somatic movement practice the brain shaking lessened, the fog lifted. As a result, the kids became less overwhelmed too. I was finding that the day to day became less troublesome, they squabbled less, the work got done with less tears and corrections, that was just me but the kids followed suit 😉 

2. I slept better. 

Sleep had become irregular because there was so much less physical energy being expended and no real outline to the day.. Like groundhog day without leaving the house. I got back to regular sleeping pattens within  3 days of re stating my Somatic Movement Practice.

3.I found the energy reserves to do what I really wanted. 

I stopped binge watching Netflix, stopped scrolling social media, decided the kids wouldn’t die if the homework wasn’t finished THAT day and I created space and  time for me to move my body by myself, with my clients, for my clients, showing up for  my clients helped me show up for me too.

4.My relationship with myself shifted.

I had started to get frustrated at myself, perfectionism was setting in again, frustration at not being able to DO, GO, Be…. but although the physical restrictions were real the mental ones were not. I wrote my chapter to my collaboration  book which reached No 2 in Australia in Self Development  Books. I had space to slip back into the loving me version of me. And that also shifted my relationship with my partner.

5.My weight stabilized and my stomach bloating went down. 

It wasn’t all food 🙂 much of it was stress and lack of connection to doing what I really wanted. I’m a stomach stress person. I spent years being told I had IBS when I really had too much self inflicted stress and some food intolerances. 

6.I created new income streams for my business.

I’d spent so many years working in the business that working on it had stopped. I had hours of video content I’d never used, so many articles saved, witten and never publicised. So many ideas but never the time or the energetic steam to get them done. Thank you COVID

7.Bringing me into my body and the now has improved my time management. 

I used to need large periods of time or days to work on a project without interruptions. I found myself starting and stopping with ease. Making a mark of where I was at and being able to go straight back there again next time I had a slot to concentrate, This meant shit got DONE and I wasn’t putting off for more time and getting frustrated for not doing it. 

I want to share this with as many people as possible! Will you help me? I know only too well what it’s like when it’s  too much effort to journal, too much effort to eat well, too much effort to simply be, when you aren’t truly being yourself. Think of this as decluttering of the soul <3 

Join us on Saturday 27th for a 90  minute  workshop where you will learn the why, the how and even more importantly feel it!

Early Bird price of 27€ closes at midnight 22nd March!!

Click the link below to get in before it goes up to 37€

Somatic Movement Workshop – Centre – Flow – Release

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Published Author! Spiritpreneur – Success Stories for the Soul

This amazing project started to sprout in March of 2020, I  had been working with the amazing Natasha Leigh Bray since December 2019 in her Mastermind Programme and came to know many other female coaches and Rapid Transformational Therapists.

One of my dear colleagues Helen, brought us together with a Publisher and our collaborative book was born.

Spiritpreneur Success Stories  for the Soul  what a journey..

On Monday we had a launch party on Zoom between the 13 authors. What a lovely energy we shared coming together. We have not yet met in person but are hoping to resove that with a planned union in Bali next year.

For me writing this chapter, which is a chapter of my life was a cathartic and healing process.  I trust that it will help someone out there that also finds themselves in a situation that seems surreal and out of control to groundthemselves and find their self trust to move out of the situation, grow and move on with life. 

The book is available on Amazon worlwide. Links Below. I’d love to hear from you personally  if you have read the book,  let me know your thoughts how the collective stories are impacting the world. 

Big Love.


PS My chapter is being translated into Spanish to test the water for the rest of the book.

In Print, finally!

My Chapter - Not quite the love you imagined.
When he tells you he will be the love of your life, consider that to be a good old red flag right there!


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Woman Who Finalist.. what an honour!

Last week the 16th October 2020 we had the awards ceremony for the fabulous Woman Who awards. 

Sandra Garlick MBE did a fantastic job of organising everything over ZOOM since in this era of COVID concerns we couldn’t do a live event as had been normal in  previous years. 

It was an honour to be part of the process and a huge healing moment too. Sandra really helped me personally as a nominee for the overcoming divertsity category I had to write my story for the judges.. I stopped.  I gave it up as a waste of time. But Sandra came back to me and gave me a nudge! 

Writing those words, explaining the process my business had gone through whilst having some massive personal turmoils.

Describing how being there for my clients had allowed me to stay connected and not lose myself in the dakness helped me heal. 

It helped me heal enough to go on to write a chapter in a group book collaboration with other Rapid Transformational Therapists. 

The winner Anna Turny Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Paralympian is an amazing beacon of light for all of us! 

It was a truly inspirational line of up finalists and winners and I can’t wait till our next networking session for that injection of female business energy. 

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Exciting News!!

So excited to be launching my newest programme later this week. Becoming You  12 day Programme. 

This is des

igned to hold

, guide and heal. 

We will be working through modules as a group, using Facebook as a platform for live videos, tasks and support, midway through we will be doing a group 

heart meditation healing session on Zoom which will be recorded. Then the change maker over normal ‘challenges’ apart from the time we will be working, we will then have a furt

her few days together to support you in your growth.

This is a combination of all the work I have been doing with my 1:1 clients 

and bringing it into a mini group package to make it accesable.

It’s going to be EPIC!

I really want you there with me. 



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Letting Go …






Who doesn’t want all of that?
I used to think it wasn’t possible and don’t get me wrong, there are still times I can get caught up in the lack of something and find myself spiralling downwards when facing a challenge.
But I now have tools to help me notice that downward spiral and save myself before plunging into the darkness that would be only too happy to uncomfortably accommodate, that uncomfortable yet once comfortable place many of us know, some better than others.
Simple tools to shift…
Do something you have been putting off! 5 seconds of courage to shift your energy.. often it starts a roll and you can get a few more things off the ‘back of the queue’ todo list. Stop running away, it wastes so much energy!
Declutter something! See my other post over on my profile or instagram for todays declutter challenge.
Move your body.. exercise, dance, jiggle what God gave ya.. but move.. doesn’t matter how
Connect with nature. Get outside and breathe, touch, listen & smell.
Journal.. video or written. I’ve found some some very moving video journals from a few years ago when I was in a very dark place. It’s nice to look back and see how far we have come. 🤗 But it gets the feelings flowing so you can release it.. like decluttering. Don’t censor… just let it flow.
I’m working on some things to bring about peace and balance in the midst of so much crazy making in recent times. I’ll be sharing it in the next few days.
Its going to be amazing, new and accesable.
I hope you will help me share it.
Big Sunday love, Jude x
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Finalist in the Woman Who Awards 2020

Oh My goodness… This just happened!!!
I am so proud to announce that have been chosen as a finalist in The Woman Who Achieves Solopreneur Awards 2020 founded by Sandra Garlick MBE
“I’m absolutely delighted with the calibre of entries this year. This truly demonstrates the amazing businesses being run by women in business sole traders and sole directors throughout the UK and beyond. Sole business owners are so often overlooked in Awards. These are the women who frequently work from home and juggle running their business with family and caring responsibilities. I’m so glad that I don’t have to judge them. It’s going to be a really tough job ahead for the judges.
The Awards event is open for anyone to attend and is an interactive online experience on Friday 16th October.” Sandra Garlick MBE
#WomanWhoUK #IAmAWomanWho