Client Love

Happy people share the love after their sessions…

"The experience was excellent, was feeling totally relaxed and confident. I never try something like that, very deep and pure. You need to be totally relaxed and trust the person who is doing it. Judith is for sure one of those, very calm and clear on the description of the feelings and for the instructions. I probably didn't been so deep, I wasn't sleeping, but I was definitely meditating and disconnecting from the surrounding. So 5 stars for everything and I really advise to do it. Thanks again for the experience."


Sue's response when I asked her if she was still listening to her recording... "Oh yes the only way I’m having sleep in this heat I know the nights I don’t listen to it my Fitbit shows mostly all light sleep but when I do listen it shows very large chunks of deep sleep. Also your voice is very soothing and relaxing never get to the end of the recording mainly I just remember you clicking your fingers and I’m gone. Really looking forward to the new year there."

Sue Tams

"Only just met Judith for the treatment and immediately felt she has a quality about her that encourages you to share. Shame I couldn’t have packaged her in my suitcase to go home with."


"Hi Judith I must tell you that your tape I listen to at night is getting better every time I listen I actually had 8hrs 56mins sleep last night with 6hrs 13mins being deep sleep and not waking up once woke this morning with iPad laying on my chest so I didn't even turn in the night. Can't wait for the weight tape as I may listen to that and wake up in morning being 8st lighter. I WISH lol. Hope your ok have a good weekend xxx"


"I think I am improving in other areas because I can now talk about my son that I don't see without getting too upset. Also I don't feel as if I have issues about my ex I just feel I'm a lot better than him and no man is ever going to take me down that route ever again. I'm telling my husband that I love him as well , it was funny when I told him first off, he was just sitting quietly reading and I was on my iPad and I just turned to him and said you know I love you don't you. He said where did that come from and I said Judith."