Becoming You – Self Study Programme


This  programme is for women who need help to change the voice that whispers in their ear…

The judging voice, the voice that dampens happiness.

Women who need help to identify and get rid of the nasty self talk, the self talk that tells them;  you can’t, you’re stupid, you are fat, that you deserved it, that you have no option. The self talk that says, ‘who do you think you think you are to…’

Insert your nasty self talk here…

Women who want to shine a light on the shadows that keep them stuck in the same cycle. Live a better life in as little as 12 days, how can I say 12 days?? THis course stated life as a goup couse working live with me though the material. Now you get unlimited access to all of that for just 47€

Work through the materials at you own pace and get access to the content, videos and recordings in the  programme  and I think I forgot to mention it’s lifetime access. So you don’t have a time limit and can go over the material wheneve you need to!