Becoming You Self Study Package

You are probably relatively accomplished in life, in terms of having reached adulthood without any major hurdles tripping you up and keeping you down for long. 

We all fall at some point..


You now know that you have pattern of beliefs and self talk that are messing with you, right?  Stopping you from being happier, more confident. Stopping you from feeling more joy in life. 

Judith McFadden Transformational Coaching

You’ve caught yourself more than once with comments like..

I’m so…





Over dramatic

I can never….

I am the black sheep of the family, always doing things wrong.

Why do I always end up in a mess…

Why can’t I just for once be….

This I too good for me…


Who do I think I am, I can’t do ….

Believe me, there are so many more under the surface mulling away in your mind and messing with your daily happiness and how you interact with the world.

Perhaps you have been told these things by people around you. Perhaps you have heard them said by others about themselves and have picked up this habit too.

We can change it together.

You probably feel like the ‘old you’ was another lifetime ago. The real you that hadn’t picked up so much negative junk along the way.

Becoming You is about exactly that.  Unloading the layers of self talk that you have been fed or just absorbed  over the years and Becoming You again.

It’s time to feel connected and empowered and tell that negative voice to pipe down. It’s time to change the patterns of thought to help move you forward in life, not keep you in the same place!

It’s time to shine a light on the shadows, the self judgement the negative belifs that have been left to fester and cause you to feel ‘less than’ EVERY SINGLE DAY!


As we change our self talk, thought patterns and communication inside,  so we change our self worth, confidence and communication and relationships on the outside. 

This is exactly what we work on in this self study ‘Becoming You’

I am super excited to be running a prize draw which will be drawn at the closing zoom ‘party’.

But it gets even better!

For every friend you refer that joins us on the journey you get an extra entry!!! 

Prizes Are : ViP day with me for the Value of 656€ and a 33 Day Package with a current value of 998€.



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